The Ultimate Essential Facial


An intense treatment that totally renews your skin to a balanced glowing state we will choose the correct peels or enzymens and speciality serum ampousels to safely revive your skin and stimulate collagen production without irritation. This facial is designed to rapidly exfoliate the outer (epidermal) cells. Reduces Scars , fine lines , hyper pigmentation while clarifying and rehydrating. we use state of the art of technology and products to give you the ultimate results. Relax while your neck , shoulders and decollate are massaged with aromatherapy belended essential oils.

Benefits of an Essential Facial

Essential facials provide the skin with antioxidants which are responsible for blocking damage from free radicals, while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. This will give your face a younger, fabulous complexion. Additionally, this treatment is quite nourishing as it revitalizes skin which is dull or tired, reducing the appearance of aging. Ingredients such as honey, rice and oats are routinely used in the facial mask as they assist in the exfoliation of the skin which will leave it cleansed and refreshed. The calendula oil is responsible for soothing and relaxing skin which is irritated and sensitive. Once the treatment is complete you will feel completely hydrated and purified.

When an essential facial is performed a mask will be selected which is perfectly suitable for your skin. Both fine lines and redness will be diminished, and the muscles around the eyes will be lifted and tightened. Essential facials will also increase the renewal of cells while prompting the production of collagen. These facials are also prized for their ability to absorb oil and various impurities. This has proven highly effective on skin which is naturally oily with acne or pores which are dilated. 

Moisture balance is an important component for healthy skin, and is delivered by essential facials. Some masks use algae derivatives as an ingredient which provides oxygenation, which is beneficial in rejuvenating skin which is either aged or overly dry.  Other masks incorporate dill and oranges and are rich in Vitamin C, which will make the skin lighter while eliminating fine lines. 

Each Session (Approximately 60 minutes)              ~ $75.00

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