Ear candling and sinus massage


Alleviates the pain and pressure associated with sinusitis , earaches , swimmers ear infection, allergies and environmental hearing difficulties . there is no discomfort with this natural holistic treatment. wax build up and noxious toxins are gently removed, helping to relive pressure and inner ear blockage. steam aromatherapy oils and massage are used to help relieve pressure and reduce inflammation.

Each Session (Approximately 30 minutes)                                                                        ~ $45.00

Add on :
Scalp Massage , Reflexology for hands and feet and Paraffin hand treatment.
             (Approximately 30 minutes more than original treatment)                                ~ $30.00

Book your Appointment for this service with our specialized Massage therapist they will bring a relaxing atmosphere to make you feel at peace and will rejuvenate your body to make your stress fade away. 

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