Shamanic Journeying


Shamanic Healing comes from the indigenous medicine men and women of tribal cultures throughout the world. It is said to have origins dating back to the Stone Age.

From a shamanic perspective, the perfection of Nature serves as template for us to emulate in order to discover and align with our truest and most authentic selves. This is a holistic view that sees no distinction between physical, emotional, and spiritual realms of our existence. 

The goal of Shamanic Healing is the balance and integration of all aspects of the Self – our light and our dark, our highest personal aspirations, and our most mundane real-world concerns. It is about aligning with the fundamental qualities of who we actually are – perfect, whole, healthy, unconflicted, and deeply inter-connected.

The Shaman moves easily beyond linear time and space in order to connect with the deeper organizing principals of the planet. In this alternative consciousness, he can access higher wisdom, retrieve lost soul parts, remove energetic intrusions, and effect profound healing on behalf of the client.

Benefits of Shamanic Healing

Please Note : Shamanic Journeying service will be performed by Pete in-person at La Flare Skin Care Long Island Location.
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