Compassionate Deposession


The concept of depossession is a scary one for many people, which is understandable given people's common perception of depossession as exorcism (the forcible removal of a spirit or entity who is possessing a human body). Popular culture (movies, books, TV) adds fuel to the flame by portraying exorcism as a violent act, pitting priest or practitioner against dark forces, demons, or the devil himself. 

However, the truth of the matter is that possession - that is, the presence of a spirit who is cohoused in a living human's body - is an incredibly common occurrence, often happening with individuals who have no clue that they are sharing space with a spirit!

There are several things that are helpful to know in order to better understand the reasons for spirit possession:

  1. Spirits of all varieties (human and non-human) co-inhabit the earth alongside living beings.
  2. Spirits require energy to exist on this plane, and a natural source of energy is humans and animals, so spirits are attracted to our living energy.
  3. Spirits stay on this plane because they are attached to something here; oftentimes, they don't even realize they are dead, so think they're just going about their daily lives, wondering why things seem a bit off. They don't intend to possess someone, they are just drawn to the energy of a particular person and eventually end up merging with that person.
  4. Spirit possession -- also known as "overshadowing" -- is a 2-way street; that is, a part of the person who is co-housing the spirit has to have consented, at either a conscious or unconscious level, to the spirit being there.
  5. Spirit possession is very fixable in ways that are kind, gentle and compassionate to both the person housing the spirit, as well as the spirit itself.

If you're wondering if you yourself are sharing space with a spirit, here are some questions to consider:

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