Advanced Skin Care Kit - 007

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Advanced Skin Care Kit - 007

Advanced Skin Care Kit-007 includes the below products

  • Skin Lightner
  • Luminous Peptide Serum 

Skin Lightner 

Skin Lightener will help lighten and even out skin tone and discolorations. Use of the gel is continued until the spots have faded to the patient’s satisfaction.  The length of time varies per individual but results are noticeable within two weeks with continued progress afterward.  

Luminous Peptide Serum

his is a very new formula that contains palmitoyl pentapeptide.  Palmitoyl pentapeptide is a five-sided molecule consisting of collagen fragment peptides lysine, threonine and serine, combined with palmitoyl, a fatty acid derivative of interferon-alpha.  Both its high absorption rate and fibroblast-stimulating property, clinical research shows, make palmitoyl pentapeptide an effectivecollagen booster.   And, increased collagen production reduces the appearance of wrinkles.


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