About us

La Flare Skin Care Licensed Estheticians are passionate in helping others achieve beautiful, healthy skin. We seek out the newest, most innovative treatments and research them extensively to ensure quality, safety and effectiveness. We treat each and every client with regard for care and privacy.

Our goal is to make you and your skin look the very best possible through a wide variety of personalized treatments and services. We are happy to customize products and therapies to address your particular needs. Please don’t hesitate to ask our Esthetician any questions you may have.

We invite you to stay, relax, and pursue the possibilities. It is our great pleasure to serve you.


 Trish LaFlare Our Director is a licensed medical aesthetician who has worked in the medical skin care field for nearly two decades. Trish is also an experienced aromatherapist, and utilizes phyto and thalasso therapies––a treatment system involving active plants, herbs and seaweed––that promote the cleansing, healing, and rejuvenating of the skin. Her vast knowledge of  finest skin care products and treatments, along with a life-long love of beauty enhancement, make-up artistry, and holistic health therapies, ensure her status as a renowned skin care expert and is recognized for her truly unique approach to skin care.

Along with providing consultations and personal services to a large client base, Trish works extensively  to demonstrate the latest, ground-breaking procedures in skin care. To stay current in therapies and treatments, she keeps in constant contact with leading dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and product formulators to provide the best possible services for her clients. In addition to maintaining her extensive network of professional contacts in the U.S. and abroad, Ms. Trish attend training sessions to keep up-to-date with the latest skin care procedures.


 Long Island Botox & Injectables specialist James Christian Cosmetics offers everything from juvederm injections to vampire facelifts, dermapen skin therapy (for Acne or skin burns) to radiesse (Volumizing Filler) to clients in Nassau & Suffolk County, New York. Nature gives us beauty and we are determined to maintain it, to always be the beautiful creatures that nature has intended us to be.

This is where James Christian can help. The aesthetic cosmetic procedures that we offer can help you to smooth out problem areas while enhancing your natural good looks to present a fresh, glowing image.  As we age our skin, the largest organ in our body, loses some of the naturally occurring proteins and acids that help to retain moisture in our skin.  This is how wrinkles form.  Through our procedures using FDA approved products, we can help smooth out the wrinkles and lines that occur from the aging process and other factors.


 Pete is a psycho-spiritual counselor, mentor and life coach, Certified Shamanic Practitioner, Certified Reiki Master, author and relationship/healthy living contributor.

Pete utilizes her wisdom, experience, gifts and talents to get to the root of client problems quickly and effectively to eliminate blocks to their desired success – in any area of their life

Pete gathered his gifts, talents and experiences together to form Passage To Inner Joy where she continues to share her wisdom, knowledge and healing gifts with the world. His intention is to be the beacon that eliminates darkness and the leader who keeps others from losing heart while assisting them to turn their own nightmares into their greatest joys.

Pete’s experience, talents and natural optimism pulls Clients out of the shadows and back to their center. He is confident they will find healing and solace in any or all of Passage To Inner Joy’s various services.

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